A prominent figure in the culinary world, an award winning author-chef, and a busy home-maker, AshaKhatau has carved out a remarkable niche for herself.
A passion for cooking and experience that spans over 25 years led her to take the next step forward. Thus began the journey of EPICURE® – an extensive range of cooking classes and publications.

Finding her place among the top ten author-chefs in the world, Asha conducts cooking demonstrations all over the world in locations as diverse as Antwerp (Belgium), Dubai (U.A.E.) and the U.S.A. Currently, she keeps herself busy by balancing a variety of things including her role as a consultant to top caterers and restaurants in Mumbai, her next book, the runaway success of her cooking classes and a host of diverse culinary workshops.

Asha now has no less than 8 cookbooks to her credit, including award-winning and highly acclaimed titles like Exciting Vegetarian Cuisines of the World and Delectable Desserts of the World. The best part? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Read on for a whiff of a whole lot more.