Food is necessary for survival but taste is necessary for casting a spell. Since evolution these 3000-10,000 small and greedy receptors for taste called taste buds have forced housewife and chefs around the globe to invent finger licking recipes. Creating recipes is an art as well as a constructive process that we like to call ‘TASTEBUD ENGINEERING’. Mrs. Asha Khatau is one such ‘tastebud engineer’ lovingly motivated by her family to start her own classes about 15 years ago under the name EPICURE.

Her talent could not be contained for too much longer, as she soon ventured into authoring a slew of cookbooks. In her first attempt at writing, her book ‘Vegetarian Cuisines of the World’ was awarded the “Best Vegetarian Book in the World”, at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2002 in France. Following her first win she received accolades again with her book the ‘Delectable Desserts of the World’ published in 2005 earned her a Honourable Mention in the “Best Foreign Cookbook in the World” Category at Gourmands awards in 2006. Gourmands Awards is also referred as the Oscars equivalent for gastronomy.
At times termed as the ‘queen of vegetarian cuisines’ she astonishes her readers with vegetarian cuisines handpicked from various kitchens all over the world. Her down to earth approach of writing appeals to the novice and is equally engaging for seasoned readers too. Know more about it by visiting ‘My Bookshelf’ in her website.

Apart from her array of cookbooks, her cooking classes in India & abroad (U.S.A, Antwerp, Dubai, Oman etc.), cooking demonstration to ladies clubs and associations etc., she also provides consultancy to eminent caterers in Mumbai. You can gauge her devotion to her profession from one of her statements mentioned below:
“I never compromise on ingredients. I make sure that the flavoring is as authentic as in the original dish. My recipes are a product of deep research, careful selection and of course are all recipes that have been tried in my own kitchen or at the classes I conduct.”
Now you may be thinking that Asha’s world must be restricted to her kitchen, in fact it was only after marriage that she ventured into a kitchen for the first time at the insistence of her husband’s father. Food is just a small part of what makes Asha Khatau, she is a B.A. in psychology and is fluent in Sanskrit. In her spare time she also teaches cooking to mentally challenged children.